So many people have commented on your stunning photograph, and I am amazed at how well it captures the spirit of my Foundation. Thanks again for sharing your incredible talent.
— President William J. Clinton

[Tom] brings my father’s legacy to life in wonderful pictures!
— Ambassador Caroline Kennedy

[Tom] worked around the President very well-not many can. You should definitely use him for our POTUS/VPOTUS photos.
— Wiley Nickel, White House Presidential Advance

The pictures really captured some of the finest moments of the evening, and it is wonderful to have them. I greatly appreciated your efforts, and I really enjoyed seeing your work.
— Senator Edward M. Kennedy

You did a wonderful job today.
— Andrew H. Card, Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush

Thank you for your professional recording of a most moving evening. These memories will be fresh for us forever because of your skill and energy. You were somethin’!!
— Senator Alan K. Simpson

The one of the President came out super, one of the best I’ve ever seen! And the two peeking out the door... was surprised to see those, usually no one can get them.
— Mary Masserini, White House Protocol Press Officer

Thanks for the great pictures!
— Barbara Bush